JetPatch: Multi-OS, Server Compliance and Patch Management

Simplify Your IT Ecosystem: All-in-One Server Compliance and Patch Management

Simple automated patch, software distribution, and server lifecycle management. repeatable across physical, virtual, and cloud servers. reliable centralized management with real-time reporting.

Trusted By Fortune 500 companies

Reduce Time to Remediate , Minimize Efforts, and Improve Compliance

75% reduction in time to remediation

Dashboard showing 75% reduction in time to remediation with Jetpatch 2

Jetpatch benefit to monitor 2


Get set up for success

Analyze your environment with health checks. Monitoring can be done individually (allowing to keep track of a specific change) and as a whole (allowing you to see your entire environment’s performance).

JetPatch Value Add

Eliminate cyber gaps and “shift left” security operations

Your Benefits

Eliminate manual efforts and human error, increase efficiency, minimize risk

70% reduction in manual efforts

Dashboard showing 70% reduction in manual effort with Jetpatch

Jetpatch benefit to monitor 2


We do ALL the ‘heavy lifting’ for you

Get Real-Time Gap analysis for reliable deployments. Consolidate processes across all environments for powerful enterprise patch, config, and compliance management and optimization. The system reduces downtime and improves IT security measures.

JetPatch Value Add

Automate end-to-end remediation while integrating with the enterprise ecosystem

Your Benefits

Shorten time to remediation, reduce systems downtime and increase security & compliance

75% reduction in total systems downtime during remediation

Dashboard showing 75% reduction in system downtime with Jetpatch 2

Jetpatch benefit to monitor 2


Ensure business continuity

View the performance of the applications and determine the likelihood of achieving business goals. Combat ongoing threats and vulnerabilities using a subset of systems that close security holes and add necessary features.

JetPatch Value Add

Orchestrate operations and test post remediation performance

Your Benefits

Real-time process governance, with guaranteed business continuity

Supported Across 20+ Platforms

“Using the JetPatch platform, we were able to quickly and efficiently extend modern patch management services to our large customer base. The JetPatch platform offers smart automation that transforms our Managed Services teams’ capability to handle customers’ risk and compliance efficiently.”

– Nitin Tyagi, SVP Enterprise Solutions

“With JetPatch we have consolidated and automated our Patch Management process, which significantly reduced our IT Operations Cost and Time-To-Remediation of our IT infrastructure”

Senior Director, IT Operations, US IT Company Specializing in Office Equipment

“JetPatch provided real WOW factor as it innovated our entire vulnerability and patch remediation process. As a result, we were able to meet required compliance, minimize precious downtime, and significantly reduce our risk exposure”

– The Office of the CIO, Large Governement Agency in North America

“We wholeheartedly endorse JetPatch as a trusted partner for Patch Management Software. Their expertise, tailored solutions, and outstanding support have been instrumental in our success as an MSSP. We look forward to continuing our partnership and delivering top-notch cybersecurity services to our clients together.”

– Jaime Blanco Landau, CLAdirect

Leverage Powerful VM/ITSM Integrations

JetPatch integrates seamlessly with your existing IT operations and security ecosystem, ensuring complete process automation and full visibility to all relevant stakeholders.

You cannot afford to remediate like its 1990!

Embrace modern remediation today!

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