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Why JetPatch?
JetPatch is a cybersecurity and ITOps company offering an innovative patch and agent management platform. Using advanced automation capabilities, JetPatch reduces cyber risk by governing and automating the process of patch management, while achieving significant operational efficiencies and cost savings. In addition, our agent management solution saves ITOps countless hours of tedious work around deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting server tool agents. Moreover, JetPatch enables you to monitor & run Patch Management and Agent Management from a single-pane-of-glass.

What are the platforms on which JetPatch can be implemented?
JetPatch prides itself on our deployment flexibility in order to meet the needs of our customers regardless of size. We offer an on-prem, SaaS and Hybrid implementation.

What about zero days? (Emergency remediation plans)
You’ve scheduled and automated your patching process to meet your internal SLAs and compliance mandates, but a new zero day or an unexpected SLA requirement pops up. Now what? With JetPatch it is simple to create an emergency or ad hoc remediation plan.
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Does JetPatch Have A YouTube Channel?
Yes. You can find it here.

What is Predictive Patching?
Predictive Patching enables you to predict the success rate of your patching cycle/maintenance window before it has been applied.
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How does JetPatch work with my existing vulnerability scanner?
JetPatch integrates seamlessly with your existing vulnerability assessment tools, including Rapid 7 Nexpose, Tenable, Qualys and others, to provide a single pane-of-glass to in-depth assessments and reports of discovered vulnerabilities. Data on identified vulnerabilities provided by your scanners (with full analytics including compliance percentage, vulnerability score, risk score etc.) is taken by JetPatch as an input. It can then automatically remediate prioritized vulnerabilities, and continuously monitors all your assets to identify and fix any new patching gaps.

What are Insights?
JetPatch Insights provides you with a “big picture” view of your patch operations. Through its advanced analytics reports, you get an overview of your entire environment. The main dashboard provides a snapshot of critical findings, while pre-defined reports offer common best practise of patch-related trends within your organization. Learn More

What Operating Systems does JetPatch support?
JetPatch supports Windows, Linux and some Unix.  We also support some Windows 3rd party applications. all their major 3rd party applications, all within a single pane of glass.
Supported Windows 3rd Party Software

Can I use my WSUS with JetPatch?
Yes. JetPatch relies on WSUS to get the patches, products, and classifications for Microsoft.

If I currently use scripts in my environment, how can I use those with JetPatch?
JetPatch allows you to create and add your own scripts to a task, which can then be added to a workflow.

How can I customize my patch cycles?
JetPatch’s Patches Catalog automatically discovers and presents a complete list of any patches needed. You can create your own filters for patches, based on a range of criteria (including endpoints) and save them using our Saved Filters feature. This enables you to have a personalized filter that is customized to the patches you use regularly.

How is patching handled when I have multiple sites?
JetPatch’s Gateway Proxy Architecture – JetProxy – enables you to use a single console for managing endpoints across multiple data centers.
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Is JetPatch agent based? If so, what do those agents do?
Yes. JetPatch is an agent-based platform, with the agents being referred to as ‘’connectors’’. The agents (connectors) communicate with the JetPatch and provide data on patches which are missing as well as patches which are installed.

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