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Automate and Optimize Your Patch Management

Automate and Optimize
Your Patch Management

Safeguard your systems against cyber threats with a simple and reliable patch remediation process that is repeatable across Windows, Linux, and other OS.
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Supported Across 15+ Platforms

Red Hat
Oracle Linux
Amazon Linux
Oracle Solaris

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Leverage cutting-edge hyper-automation for end-to-end Linux & Windows patching – with 100% success.


Patch your systems to safeguard against ongoing cyber threats, with no risk of human error.


Integrate your existing scanners & security tool stack to eliminate blindspots, and gain real-time visibility throughout the patching process.


Increase the efficiency of your patching process by cutting manual effort, freeing up your security & IT teams for other valuable projects.

Achieve More Effective Patch Management Through Intelligent Automation

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Complete Visibility & Process Governance

Eliminate patching blindspots and get a comprehensive patch compliance report. View and analyze the entire remediation process on a single, easy-to-understand dashboard.

Consolidate Patch Processes

Avoid silos by ensuring simple, repeatable, reliable patch rollouts across all environments.

Patch Automation Built for Enterprise

Streamline patch & vulnerability remediation across infrastructure and company silos – saving time and preventing errors. Analyze the root causes of remediation delays and automatically correct them. Shorten scheduled downtime windows by creating a more efficient process (with more patches per DT window).

Patch Management Done Right

Gain complete visibility and control of patch compliance across all environments

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Why Brands Are Transitioning to JetPatch

Integration with Vulnerability Scanner
Integration with ITSM
Endpoint discovery
Endpoint readiness for patching
Support for Windows patching
Patching other OS
Predictive Patching /Preemptive Action
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