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The Best Patch Management Alternative to Automox and Microsoft SCCM


IT & Security leaders across verticals have transitioned their patch management to JetPatch. We minimize cybersecurity risk by taking an ecosystem approach to vulnerability remediation, with intelligent patch automation at its core.

JetPatch vs. Microsoft SCCM
JetPatch vs. Microsoft SCCM

Microsoft SCCM vs.JetPatch

Unlike Microsoft SCCM, JetPatch isn’t Windows-only, but works across a range of OS, including Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, RedHat etc. JetPatch doesn’t work in a silo and is integrated with your existing security ecosystem. Moreover, JetPatch’s intuitive interface makes it easy for your IT team to use, and does not require the high-level of expertise that SCCM does.

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JetPatch vs. Automox
JetPatch vs. Automox


Automox vs. JetPatch

Unlike Automox, JetPatch isn’t solely focused on workstation security, but comes with robust server patching capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with your vulnerability scanners and other elements of your existing security ecosystem. Moreover, Automox lacks the automated patch deployment that is key to JetPatch’s effectiveness.

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Maish Saidel-Keesing 

“This kind of solution can reduce so much complexity in managing the lifecycle of your applications.”

Maish Saidel-Keesing, Virtualization Architect at Cisco


“Using the JetPatch platform, we were able to quickly and efficiently extend modern patch management services to our large customer base. The JetPatch platform offers smart automation that transforms our Managed Services teams capability to handle customers risk and compliance efficiently.”

Nitin Tyagi, SVP Enterprise Solutions

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“With JetPatch we have consolidated and automated our Patch Management process, which significantly reduced our IT Operations Cost and Time-To-Remediation of our IT infrastructure”

Senior Director, IT Operations

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“JetPatch provided real WOW factor as it innovated our entire vulnerability and patch remediation process. As a result, we were able to meet required compliance, minimize precious downtime, and significantly reduce our risk exposure”

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Why JetPatch?


Patch Windows, Linux, and other operating systems on a single platform.


Reduce human errors and manual effort with smart automation.


Eliminate dependency on experts with an intuitive interface.


Integrate with your existing security ecosystem to streamline the patch process.


Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

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