Intigua Launches Power Tools, Delivering Out-of-the-Box Containerization and Automation of Popular IT Operations Systems Management Tools

Aug 25, 2015

NEWTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intigua™, the company that launched systems management-as-a-service, today announced the availability of Intigua Power Tools. The new software offering, which leverages Intigua’s purpose-built systems management container technology and configuration policy engine, instantly turns popular server management tools into fully automated services that are easily managed across mixed environments.

“Intigua Power Tools’ encapsulation technology brings new capabilities to existing systems management tools, and its policy-based automation can save operations teams time usually spent on the many repetitive tasks required for tool deployments, patches and upgrades,” said Paul Burns, president, Neovise. “Operating across hybrid environments, Intigua Power Tools may also simplify and accelerate enterprise cloud migrations projects, which often underestimate the complexity of migrating agent-based and agentless server tools.”

Intigua Power Tools is based on Intigua Enterprise, the award-winning virtual IT management platform that first introduced systems management-as-a-service to the market. Power Tools is a set of individual products, each of which is pre-configured to encapsulate specific monitoring, backup, security, log analytics or configuration management products. Intigua Power Tools encapsulates and controls the agent-based or agentless management tool via a centralized, policy-driven engine, across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Accelerate Tool Deployments and Upgrades
Power Tools will deploy, and automatically register, tool agents on thousands of servers with the click of a button. Power Tools also eases traditionally painful upgrades and patches, and eliminates the need for server reboots.

Easier Troubleshooting and Maintenance
Power Tools use automation and policy-driven controls to radically simplify troubleshooting and lifecycle maintenance. It identifies and fixes issues without manual intervention, and automatically reinstalls failed agents using policy-based configurations. Via alerts and policy-based auto-remediation, Intigua Power Tools eliminates tool configuration drift and ensures configurations comply with company or regulatory requirements.

More Secure Servers and Stable, Compliant Environments
Power Tools ensures the management tool is always running and properly configured. Its unique encapsulation technology can throttle agent CPU and memory utilization, thereby proactively preventing agents from overconsuming server resources that will degrade server performance and cause applications to slow down or crash. Power Tools also significantly reduces the need for privileged server access because of its management tool self-healing and because it gives IT Operations and tool owners remote diagnostics capabilities so they don’t need direct server access. IT Operations is also ensured that agent deployment does not change common configuration on the server, eliminating potentially negative impacts on business applications.

Supported Tools and Pricing
Intigua Power Tools can encapsulate any server management tool, including home-grown tools, and is immediately available for the following products:

AlertLogic, AppDynamics, Blade Logic, BMC Control-M, CA Technologies SystemEDGE, EMC Networker, FalconStor IPStore, HP OM, HP SA, IBM Symphony, IBM Tivoli ITM, Imperva SecureSphere, McAfee EPO, Microsoft Forefront, Microsoft SCEP, Microsoft SCOM, ObservIT, Splunk, SumoLogic, Symantec NetBackup, Trend Micro Deep Security, Tripwire, VMware Log Insight, VMware vCenter Hyperic, VMware VCM, Zabbix.

The company will support additional server management tools based on customer requests.

Annual subscription pricing starts at $28,000. IT organizations that want a solution for more than one tool can purchase Intigua Enterprise.

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About Intigua™
Winner of multiple “Best of VMworld” awards, Intigua launched the virtualization of server operations management to transform agent-based and agentless ITOM tools into a catalog of consumable services. With Intigua, traditionally fragmented, manually intensive tools and processes become agile, automated software-defined operations and policy-driven services, so that enterprise IT and DevOps can deliver faster, normalized and consistent operations across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Intigua significantly reduces server management efforts and costs while ensuring tools and servers comply with corporate and regulatory requirements.

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