VC funding update: Boston startups and tech firms raised nearly $2B in July

Aug 2, 2021

The Business Journals, Boston Reports (Aug 02, 2021) -What summer lull? A collection of Boston-area venture and debt investments in startups, tech companies and related innovators pulled in nearly $2B during the month of July.

Software companies collectively raised $526.5M, based on the roundup below. Not including IPOs, the largest of those raises was the $300M funding round by DataRobot, which has its eye on the public markets. Biotech companies, for their part, brought in $574M, and the largest of those deals came from Deep Genomics, a startup applying AI to drug development, which raised a $180M round led by SoftBank.

A handful of IPOs, venture capital funds and government grants are also listed below and not included in the total.

MassDevelopment has provided a $1M from its Emerging Technology Fund to Intigua Inc., which does business as JetPatch, an R&D company to help the Boston-based company hire additional employees that can support its growth momentum.