Protect Your Windows Infrastructure with Zero-touch Continuous Patch automation

Free up your precious IT resources and simplify patch operations once and for all

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2/3 of all breaches had a known patch that was never applied.

Why be part of these grim statistics when there is a simple solution?

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Windows patching doesn’t have to be painful.

Windows patching doesn’t have to be painful.

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Can’t keep up with your daily cyber threats?

Get patches executed autonomously based-on your vulnerability scanner prioritization.

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Worried that applications will not function after patching?

Auto-test application functionality instantly and enjoy business continuity and peace-of-mind.

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Why JetPatch:

JetPatch Windows Patching unique advantages:


Zero-touch execution of all patch-related tasks

Protect your Linux systems

Maximize every patch cycle via patch prediction analysis

system speed

Auto-validation of post-patching application performance

Trusted by many Fortune 500 brands