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Jetpatch Helps Virtustream Grow Its Enterprise Cloud Services

Agent Management

We’ve recently started to work with a new cloud services provider – Virtustream, an important and growing member of the Dell Technologies family. Virtustream is a large business, having been acquired by Dell for over $2B. At Jetpatch we haven’t reached a 10-digit valuation (yet…), but as we started to work with the Virtustream team, we were thrilled to find out how much our two companies have in common. Most importantly, both our companies share a common view of today’s enterprise IT challenges.

The App Challenge

Big businesses have a lot of IT, with apps that are large, complex and mission-critical. These apps generate massive revenue; they are the financial workhorses of the business, and they need to continue expanding. Yet many important apps were not built to run in a cloud environment, and the cost of operating and scaling them is increasingly becoming a barrier to growth and competitiveness.

Introducing the Enterprise Cloud

Like Jetpatch, Virtustream understands that businesses need to be able to take advantage of cloud-native technologies, but at the same time not all apps are cloud-native. That’s why Virtustream is providing enterprises with a practical cloud, that emphasises security, resilience and performance, with cloud-level service delivery yet without requiring customers to re-architect their apps. And this is exactly where Jetpatch comes in. Jetpatch Agent Manager allows security, performance and resilience controls to be easily embedded into any application, and managed at a low operational cost over time.

When Virtustream was looking at ways of enabling tools such as data protection agents become a more integrated part of its cloud services, Jetpatch Agent Manager turned out to be just the right solution. Jetpatch Agent Manager gives Virtustream the ability to optimize and streamline its offered set of management services, within its enterprise cloud, while maintaining strong multi-tenancy.

More to Come

Now with Jetpatch as its operational tooling hub, Virtustream is positioned to continue to deliver its high-value, enterprise-focused cloud services, with even greater agility and scalability. We look forward to continue helping Virtustream and other cloud service providers driver their customers’ journeys to the cloud.

Are you a cloud services provider? Have you tried Jetpatch Agent Manager? Jetpatch lets IT and Devops professionals centrally manage server tool agents at scale. Play with a live demo.

Oran Epelbaum
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