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Pre-Packaged Tool Support Update

Patch Management

The Jetpatch Packager lets you package any tool agent for use with Jetpatch. However, we also have an extensive library of tool agents we have already pre-packaged for use with Jetpatch.

We constantly add new tools and versions to this library. Here are some recent additions:

  • Octopus Deploy 3.3.2 — Automated deployment for .Net
  • Cloudamize 1.0.87 — Cloud infrastrcuture analytics
  • BladeLogic 8.6 SP1 — Server automation / config management
  • VMWare vRealize Configuration Manager (VCM) 5.8.2 — Configuration management for VMWare
  • Puppet 3.8.2 (older version, but requested by our customers) — Configuration management
  • Alert Logic 2.3.1 — Cloud security management
  • Zabbix 3.0 — Server and network monitoring

Would you like us to pre-package a specific tool? Please let us know.

Oran Epelbaum
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