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Video: Introduction to JetPatch

Patch Management Vulnerability Remediation

New to JetPatch? Here’s a 2-minute video that introduces the problem JetPatch solves and how it solves it.

Here’s a transcript of the video for your easy reference:

Introducing JetPatch: a new approach to patch management. Built for modern IT.

New software vulnerabilities are exposed at an alarming rate, compelling vendors to release multiple patches, overwhelming IT and InfoSec teams.  At the same time, the key approach to dealing with vulnerabilities — patching — is not an end-to-end automated and governed process. We, at JetPatch, decided to do something about it!

Traditional patch management tools only handle the deployment of patches and work in silos. Patch deployment, however, is not the cause for the many security breaches and patch failures out there. Instead, companies face three main problems: First, they don’t discover all of the vulnerabilities, and for those they do, they don’t properly determine which are the critical ones that need to be dealt with first. Second, they don’t put the right processes in place. And even when they do, many in the organization are unaware of it or simply don’t follow them. Third, while some companies have automated the patch deployment processes itself, they neglected to do so for the actions that need to take place before and after.

As a result, vulnerabilities remain unaddressed for long periods of time, putting the organization at great risk.
JetPatch addresses these issues by enabling an end-to-end, automated vulnerability remediation and patch management process across environments.

Here’s how it works:

JetPatch constantly monitors for new vulnerabilities and patches, analyzes them and gives you a recommendation on what to act on first. It eliminates patch blind spots with full discovery of all servers, OSs, and applications — and compares installed patches to an official security baseline. When it discovers new vulnerabilities and required patches, JetPatch deploys them with a governed processes during scheduled maintenance windows and based on fully automated workflows that combine industry best practices and your organization’s needs. In this way, JetPatch establishes a consistent patch and vulnerability management process across all IT environments.

With JetPatch your systems are always secure, nothing is forgotten or skipped, all the relevant stakeholders are aware and involved and everything is fully automated.  Let us show you how. Contact us to schedule a demo.

Shai Toren
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