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Effortless patch deployment: Unleashing your IT team’s potential

Asset discovery:

Reduce risk by identifying and cataloging all devices and applications in your environment.

Patch governance dashboard:

Improve compliance and reduce risk by getting a single view of your patch management process.

Real-time patch gap analysis:

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying and prioritizing missing patches in real time.

OS patching:

Learn how our Server Patch Management solution streamlines the patch deployment process for 20+ operating systems.

Automated patch deployment:

Discover the full potential of Automated Patch deployment to save time and resources, with minimal disruption.

Patch Readiness Evaluation:

Streamline Your Patch Deployment with Proactive Endpoint Analysis.

Patch prioritization:

Improve security by prioritizing patches based on risk and business impact.

Patch compliance reporting:

Demonstrate compliance to auditors and regulators by generating reports that show your patch compliance status.

Alerts and Notifications:

Receive timely alerts and notifications about critical patches, security threats, and system events.

Patch Activity Log:

Track all patch deployment activities, including patch status, success/failure rates, and remediation details.

Zero-downtime patching:

Keep your business running smoothly by applying patches to devices without disrupting their operation.

Patch Reporting:

 Generate comprehensive reports on patch compliance, vulnerability assessment findings, and patch deployment history.

Integration with IT tools:

Explore our Cloud Patch Management solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate with your IT tools and streamline your workflow.

Vulnerability assessment:

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

JetPatch: End-to-end, automated patch and vulnerability remediation for Modern IT

Tour the new approach to patch management that addresses the challenges of traditional tools.
JetPatch provides end-to-end, automated patch and vulnerability remediation across environments, eliminating patch blind spots, prioritizing critical patches, and automating manual tasks.

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“This kind of solution can reduce so much complexity in managing the lifecycle of your applications.”

Maish Saidel-Keesing, Virtualization Architect at Cisco

“Using the JetPatch platform, we were able to quickly and efficiently extend modern patch management services to our large customer base. The JetPatch platform offers smart automation that transforms our Managed Services teams capability to handle customers risk and compliance efficiently.”

Nitin Tyagi, SVP Enterprise Solutions

“With JetPatch we have consolidated and automated our Patch Management process, which significantly reduced our IT Operations Cost and Time-To-Remediation of our IT infrastructure”

Senior Director, IT Operations

“JetPatch provided real WOW factor as it innovated our entire vulnerability and patch remediation process. As a result, we were able to meet required compliance, minimize precious downtime, and significantly reduce our risk exposure”

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