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Secure and Streamlined Red Hat Patch Management

Ditch the hassle of outdated Red Hat server patching methods. Embrace JetPatch’s innovative approach to patch management, ensuring a fortified and streamlined operation across all Red Hat systems. Discover how our solutions can rejuvenate your environment, addressing software updates, security vulnerabilities, bug fixes, and introducing new features.

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What is Red Hat Patch Management?

Navigating the intricate landscape of Red Hat systems, from Red Hat Errata to the Red Hat Subscription Manager, demands vigilance against potential patching oversights. Red Hat Patch Management is a meticulous strategy for handling updates, including Red Hat Security Advisory (RHSA), Red Hat Bug Advisory (RHBA), and Red Hat Enhancement Advisory (RHEA).

In our ever-evolving digital realm, software vulnerabilities are a given. If neglected, these vulnerabilities can become gateways for cyber threats. Red Hat Patch Management ensures that all Red Hat systems, whether Linux, macOS, or Windows, are current, safeguarded, and operating at peak performance by consistently applying the freshest patches and updates.


JetPatch Cloud Patch Management Solution


Recognizing available patches,
including Red Hat Errata for Red Hat systems.


Gauging the significance and immediacy of these patches.


Implementing the patches,
ensuring software updates and bug fixes.


Confirming the patches are aptly installed and operating as expected.

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JetPatch’s Approach to Red Hat Patch Management

JetPatch’s core strength lies in its auto-discovery feature, ensuring every Red Hat endpoint, from Linux to Windows, is pinpointed. This prowess is further enhanced by its capability to flawlessly merge with existing security tools, including the Red Hat Satellite. By tapping into these resources, JetPatch not only refines the remediation process but elevates its efficiency.

Moreover, our proactive approach to potential vulnerabilities, including security vulnerabilities, ensures that before they morph into real threats, JetPatch is already strategizing. This forward-thinking is amplified by our exhaustive reporting capabilities, providing organizations with a panoramic view of their Red Hat ecosystem’s health and security.

Why JetPatch is the Future of Red Hat Patch Management

Unparalleled Security for Red Hat

JetPatch delivers elite security solutions, tailor-made for Red Hat systems. Our avant-garde tools and strategies guarantee that your Red Hat infrastructure remains shielded from emerging threats.

Comprehensive Patch Compliance Reports

JetPatch’s analytical tools offer a deep dive into your Red Hat environment, ensuring every corner is under surveillance, fortifying your defense against looming threats.

Vendor Agnostic Approach

JetPatch’s design effortlessly melds with multiple vendors, ensuring adaptability and ease, irrespective of your existing vendor landscape.

Real-time Server Health Monitoring

Stay in the loop and preempt potential risks with JetPatch’s instantaneous server health checks. Our system persistently scouts for irregularities, ensuring swift threat detection and resolution.

Integration with Existing Security Tools

JetPatch isn’t a standalone solution; it’s an augmentation to your prevailing security arsenal. By synergizing with your existing security tools, JetPatch boosts their potency, crafting a formidable defense line.

“This kind of solution can reduce so much complexity in managing the lifecycle of your applications.”

Maish Saidel-Keesing, Virtualization Architect at Cisco

“Using the JetPatch platform, we were able to quickly and efficiently extend modern patch management services to our large customer base. The JetPatch platform offers smart automation that transforms our Managed Services teams capability to handle customers risk and compliance efficiently.”

Nitin Tyagi, SVP Enterprise Solutions

“With JetPatch we have consolidated and automated our Patch Management process, which significantly reduced our IT Operations Cost and Time-To-Remediation of our IT infrastructure”

Senior Director, IT Operations

“JetPatch provided real WOW factor as it innovated our entire vulnerability and patch remediation process. As a result, we were able to meet required compliance, minimize precious downtime, and significantly reduce our risk exposure”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, JetPatch is scalable and can cater to both small and large-scale Red Hat environments. Our solution is trusted by large organizations, including government agencies, to manage and secure their vast Red Hat infrastructures.

JetPatch stands out with its innovative auto-discovery feature, real-time server health monitoring, and a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities. Our solution not only streamlines the patching process but also ensures robust compliance and reduced risk exposure.

JetPatch uses advanced algorithms and integrates with existing security tools to ensure maximum protection.

Absolutely! JetPatch’s vendor-agnostic approach allows seamless integration with various systems.

Learn how a global services provider improved their
patch management process with JetPatch.

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