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JetPatch Recognized in Gartner’s DevSecOps Tools Report

Patch Management

Recently, Gartner released a report titled “How to Select DevSecOps Tools for Secure Software Delivery.” This research offers a comprehensive overview of the technology landscape, highlighting the importance of integrating efficient tools into IT operations.

In a section dedicated to patch management solutions, Gartner mentions JetPatch as a representative vendor.

Gartner’s Insights on Patch Management

In Gartner’s report titled ‘How to Select DevSecOps Tools for Secure Software Delivery’, JetPatch is mentioned as a representative vendor in patch management. This mention in the Gartner report reflects JetPatch’s role in aligning with modern DevSecOps practices, especially in terms of enhancing security integration into the SDLC.

Why is Patch Management Essential?

As highlighted in Gartner’s research, the frequency of software supply chain attacks is on the rise, making it imperative to protect not just the software but also the delivery pipeline. JetPatch’s patch management system plays a crucial role in securing the software supply chain, ensuring the integrity and security of your software delivery process.

JetPatch: A Gartner-recognized Solution

JetPatch’s mention as a representative vendor in the Gartner report highlights our approach to patch management, aimed at providing a solution that integrates effectively into the software development life cycle (SDLC). Our tool is designed to simplify the patch management process, making it more developer-friendly and enhancing overall security.

We believe the future of patch management lies in providing businesses with the flexibility to quickly identify and address security gaps, accelerate update timelines, and align patch management closely with overall IT workflows.

Key Features of JetPatch:

  • Streamlined Patch Management: JetPatch offers an intuitive platform that simplifies the patching process, ensuring that all systems are consistently up-to-date and secure.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: By automating patch deployment, JetPatch reduces the risk of vulnerabilities and strengthens your organization’s defense against cyber threats.
  • Compliance Assurance: JetPatch helps maintain compliance with industry standards, ensuring that your software delivery process adheres to the latest security regulations.

Strengths and Differentiators

JetPatch sets itself apart by automating the patching process, thereby reducing manual workload and enhancing security. Our key strengths are:

  • Auto-Discovery: JetPatch automatically identifies all assets in your IT environment for comprehensive management.
  • Patch Governance Dashboard: An intuitive dashboard offers centralized patch management insights.
  • Real-Time Gap Analysis: Continuously identifies and addresses patching needs and vulnerabilities.
  • Automated Remediation: Streamlines the patch deployment process, reducing manual effort and errors.
  • Patch Optimization: Ensures effective patch deployment with minimal service disruption.
  • Downtime Management: Strategically schedule patching to minimize operational impact.


In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, having a reliable patch management tool is indispensable. Being mentioned in Gartner’s report aligns with our dedication to delivering robust security solutions in patch management.

By choosing JetPatch, you are not just selecting a tool; you are opting for a comprehensive approach to secure software delivery. For more insights and updates, follow JetPatch on LinkedIn.

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