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Manage Server Tool Agents in the AWS Cloud

Agent Management

Although it’s been available for a while, today we officially announced the availability of the Jetpatch Agent Manager on the Amazon cloud. Jetpatch Agent Manager enables enterprise IT and DevOps professionals to save thousands of hours by automatically deploying, upgrading, re-configuring, throttling, restarting, cleaning up and reinstalling server tool agents in the cloud and on-premises.

Enterprises move applications to the cloud to take advantage of its speed and simplicity, but the agents required to keep those instances and applications humming are slowing them down and undermining those promised benefits. The processes for deploying and managing the tools are just way too fragmented, manual and time-consuming.

By offering Jetpatch Agent Manager via AWS, we’re making it extremely easy for IT professionals to perform agent operations at scale with just a few clicks. This radically simplifies and speeds agent management across AWS and other environments, and takes much of the headache out of ensuring applications perform as needed, when needed. Customers using Jetpatch for AWS are able to accelerate transformation to AWS with existing and new tools while simplifying controls.

Jetpatch Agent Manager encapsulates tool agents, such as those for monitoring, log and data analysis, security, backup, configuration and more, within Jetpatch’s agent containers so that they’re portable and will not interfere with other software. Jetpatch monitors the agents across multiple environments, whether physical, virtual or cloud-based, and uses policies to throttle resource consumption and automate tasks such as remediation and re-configuration at massive scale.

There are several benefits to this:

  • Speed deployments and upgrades: Tasks that used to take weeks, such as removing agents, upgrading or deploying new ones, and remediating problems, now take minutes and are easily achieved without having to access the endpoint.
  • Centrally and automatically manage tools on instances: Manage VPC instances on AWS and on-premises servers at the same time. Define management policies to automatically set up instances with the right tool agents—whether home-grown or external—as you deploy to different regions or migrate instances with “lift & shift.”
  • Easily enforce policies: Instantly see which instances don’t have the required agents and versions, and deploy them with a few clicks. REST APIs provide deep cross-tool visibility into server management state, and Jetpatch monitors and fixes any policy drift.
  • Effortlessly re-configure at scale: Error-prone, repetitive tasks, such as agent reconfiguration and realignment during cloud migration, happen automatically and accuratel.

To get started with Jetpatch Agent Manager for AWS, click here.

Todd Kirkland
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